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I lied, there's more Changes, although I think this is where we actually stopped. The comment about "I like it better now that I'm going to get some answers" still strikes me, since half the point for me of doing something like this is seeing what happens when people don't have the answers and need to investigate. Which, if nothing else, speaks to the power imbalance between the person controlling the narrative and the person playing through the narrative. Although in "The Plan" I tried to hand over narrative control a bit, and the player didn't bite. In my old old freeforms with Amber we would share narrative responsibility, and the control of the setting was joint, usually negotiated by which character of ours owned or tended to the location in question. Although when it came to wider world-building I seem to remember me taking the lead there too. >_> Suspicious.


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(02:43:51 PM) V_PauAmma_V: "OK, so what can you tell me? Or mentor me in?"
(02:45:40 PM) me: Lark touches your down feather, which starts tingling as it shrinks back into a body hair.
(02:46:32 PM) V_PauAmma_V: *stare* You can shapeshift... others?
(02:47:32 PM) me: Lark cocks its head, and blinks at you. "Your world line indicates you have done the same. Not long ago, to a fish. Did you not?"
(02:48:49 PM) V_PauAmma_V: "I... made it cook faster? Is that what you mean?"
(02:49:53 PM) me: Lark nods.
(02:50:19 PM) me: "The energy comes from a thought. Whether yours or mine, it can give the same result."
(02:51:26 PM) V_PauAmma_V: "But you make it look.... so easy."
(02:54:05 PM) me: Lark blinks. "The effort is the same. I have routinized what you consider novel." They smile, cheeks pushing up the sunglasses, and use that same hand to smooth the white cotton of their robe.
(02:55:11 PM) V_PauAmma_V: "So you're saying I just need practice?"
(02:56:44 PM) me: Lark thinks for a moment. "In part. You have yet to realize the full implications of your abilities."
(03:00:11 PM) V_PauAmma_V: "THat's putting it mildly. I don't really know WTF is going on either. Or why the fuzz is hunting us."
(03:02:29 PM) me: Lark stands, and offers you a hand. "You threaten their order. Many things do. They do not know what to expect."
(03:03:28 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I take Lark's hand reflexively.
(03:04:21 PM) me: "They imagine they can discover that by studying you." Lark gives you a fond grin. "What you are -is- change."
(03:06:42 PM) me: Lark begins to walk into the upstairs hallway.
(03:07:35 PM) V_PauAmma_V: Is Lark still holding my hand? Or me theirs, rather?
(03:07:42 PM) me: Yes.
(03:08:06 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I follow, for lack of a better idea.
(03:11:52 PM) me: They lead you to a wooden staircase going down, with a polished banister. It opens into a small hallway, part of it open to the upper storey. Downstairs, through a double-wide door propped wide open, are six or seven people in street clothes, all sitting on cushions facing the wall.
(03:13:35 PM) me: They don't seem to notice or care that you're coming down the stairway. An air of contemplative peace fills the room.
(03:13:39 PM) V_PauAmma_V: "I'm naked. Will it bother these people if they see me, or will they mention it?"
(03:14:24 PM) me: Lark holds a finger to their mouth.
(03:14:32 PM) me: indicating "shh".
(03:15:37 PM) me: You get to the bottom of the stairs and are led to a room immediately to the right, facing the front of the house. The blinds are pulled, and things are decorated in a peaceful blue.
(03:17:10 PM) ***V_PauAmma_V looks around, then at Lark.
(03:17:36 PM) me: Lark pulls the door shut behind you. From another door, narrow and set into a wall that divides this room from the one next to it, comes a middle-aged lady with a completely shaved head. She is wearing black and brown robes, and is carrying a shopping bag with what looks like some t-shirts and shorts in a few different sizes in it.
(03:18:12 PM) me: She sets down the bag on a settee that looks straight out of the victorian era, that same faded blue for the upholstery, and Lark motions for you to investigate it.
(03:20:27 PM) V_PauAmma_V: (to the lady) "Thanks" *starts looking for Ts and shorts that may fit this body*
(03:21:48 PM) me: She nods and smiles, faintly amused, and assumes a pose of teacherly grace. 
(03:21:55 PM) me: You indeed find some, both XL.
(03:22:22 PM) me: Black gym shorts, and a t-shirt with a forgettable logo on it.
(03:22:34 PM) ***V_PauAmma_V dons them.
(03:23:02 PM) me: You have donned the Gym Clothes of Zen Realization. You gain fifteen (15) points.
(03:25:00 PM) V_PauAmma_V: ((Do I feel the levelling up in any way?))
(03:25:19 PM) me: ((I was being silly, and no :P because there isn't any ))
(03:25:46 PM) me: Lark nods to the lady, and she nods back. "All is well?" she asks. Lark responds with a big smile. "I think we will do very well," they tell the zen teacher.
(03:26:57 PM) V_PauAmma_V: ((tfbhtbhvtbtvpt))
(03:28:21 PM) ***V_PauAmma_V looks at the lady and at Lark.
(03:29:34 PM) me: The lady, who is kind of plump and matronly, gives you a look and makes an "aww" noise, and steps forward to give you a hug.
(03:30:34 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I return the hug hesitatingly. "Do I know you?"
(03:31:34 PM) me: She gives you a firm squeeze and a pat on the back, then steps back, her hands on your shoulders, and shakes her head with a smile. "You just looked like you needed it."
(03:32:06 PM) me: She steps back, and looks at Lark, and says, "Will they all be so young?"
(03:32:06 PM) me: Lark replies, "It is the nature of this Change."
(03:33:50 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I frown. "Young? ... Wait. How old am I? My memories are... fragmented, or incomplete, somehow."
(03:35:19 PM) me: Lark says, "Seventeen years, six months, and four days have passed since you first breathed."
(03:36:47 PM) ***V_PauAmma_V nods dully.
(03:38:15 PM) me: The lady opens the door she came through, and waits expectantly. Lark moves towards it. The next room is barely more than a closet, filled with blankets, pillows, sewing scraps and other containers and odds and ends. There's a small corridor next to the wall, and another door opens into the kitchen.
(03:39:14 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I tag along, perhaps because I have nothing better to do, orperhaps because I smell food.
(03:40:24 PM) me: There's a bowl of salad made mostly of mixed greens and dried fruit, a couple different dressings, and another bowl of mixed nuts on the table. The salted nuts smell heavenly.
(03:41:36 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I reach for the nuts, then check myself.
(03:41:42 PM) me: The lady says, "Eat what you need to. I'll be returning to my students now."
(03:42:47 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I look around for cutlery.
(03:43:18 PM) me: She pads out of the room on bare feet with a rustle of robes. There are paper plates and plastic forks next to the salad bowl.
(03:43:44 PM) me: Lark takes a seat on a wooden chair that creaks slightly as their weight settles into it. When it creaks you get a sharp burst of a memory: tooled wood and sawdust.
(03:45:06 PM) V_PauAmma_V: ((Is that memory of something I did or saw, or am I getting a memory dump from the chair?))
(03:45:30 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I look around for another seat.
(03:45:47 PM) me: Neither, especially. It lingers on your tongue. Something of a sensory memory.
(03:46:05 PM) me: It's mostly the smell.
(03:46:14 PM) me: There's another chair on your side of the table.
(03:46:37 PM) V_PauAmma_V: I sit and grab one of the plates.
(03:47:05 PM) V_PauAmma_V: ((and this is when I need to pause))
(03:47:16 PM) me: ((hokay :D))
(03:47:33 PM) me: ((still having a good time?))
(03:48:04 PM) V_PauAmma_V: ((Actually, I think I'm getting into the spirit of it better))
(03:48:19 PM) me: ((how so?
(03:49:14 PM) me: I'm just curious :)
(03:49:58 PM) V_PauAmma_V: ((Not sure? But it looks like I might get some answers - or atleast some idea of what's going on))
(03:50:33 PM) me: hm, cool. well, enjoy doing your thing :)